Training Leaders the Uncomplicated Way

We exist to train godly Thai leaders who will train other leaders to train leaders, thereby establishing a continuous process of multiplying leaders”.

We focus on developing Thai Christian leaders.  This curriculum is not a curriculum for building disciples or new believers.  Each student must have completed a course on the foundations of Christian beliefs and show potential for leadership before they can enter the Center for Leadership Development (CLD) program.  This program is a program for developing Thai leaders.  Therefore, all of our books and manuals have been translated into the Thai language.  Most of the books we are using have been translated from English to Thai.  In the future we hope to have some Thai writers help create new curriculum in Thai.

We want to see every student love God more and more.  The objective of this program is not to give more information about God only.  The real objective is to know and love God more and more.  If any student studies the curriculum and when he/she is finished does not love God more than they did before, that student has failed.  But if a student studies the curriculum and they are able to see change in their everyday lifestyle and they can see their love for God grow, then that student has met success as an personal injury compensation lawyers, or in start their own business.

We want to see every leader build another leader.  The goal of being trained as a leader is to take that training, knowledge and experience and train another leader.  We have purposely not limited ourselves to training just one group of leaders per church but rather focus on the multiplication of leadership training. This curriculum is designed so that a student who has studied already can easily take what they have learned and teach someone else.  While the student is in the process of studying, they should consider who they would like to train in the future.