What people are saying about CLD

“I thank God for the curriculum of CLD, it is a curriculum that is rich and full. I want to encourage you to find out about CLD, because this curriculum is used in many countries and has produced great results. The people in my church that have graduated from CLD have greatly increased their skills and abilities in serving God because as they serve side by side with those in full-time ministry. The understand the Bible much better than before.”

Rev. Dr. Thira Jeng Founder and Senior Pastor of the Mahapawn Bangkok Alliance Church

“I want to thank God that CLD has a large part in raising up ministry teams to help pastors in serving so that churches produce more fruit.”

Phongnakhon Sae-eon Pastor of the Saraburi Church | CLD Center Leader

“I clearly see are that those who never dared to speak or were afraid to express themselves are now bold enough to speak and express themselves. Those who never thought they could help teach are now able to stand up and help teach the Bible. Those who never thought of standing at the pulpit to preach are now able to help me preach. Our church used to never have a ministry team to help serve God, but now we have multiple teams serving side by side with me.”

Rev. Somjai Kittuk Pastor of the Khunhan Church | CLD Center Leader | CLD Board Member

“I am very impressed with the lessons in the CLD curriculum. The things that we have learned in the 10 courses we are able to put them into practice in our daily lives and in our ministry.”

Primpan Pruangtong Member of the Khunhan Church | CLD Graduate | CLD Center Leader

“The Center for Leadership Development (CLD) is a curriculum that you can study at any level. Lay people, like me, are able to study even though we didn’t attend a Bible School. The lessons in CLD are easy to understand even for people that never finished school. Thank you God that there is a curriculum so that we can study like we are in a Bible School in our church.”


Supot Kanrainok Pastor in Wang Sam Mo Church | CLD Center Leader

“Because of CLD I grew and matured in my spiritual life. I grew in my ability to be a leader. Now, I am a leader in my local church where I help my pastor in preaching and teaching. Thank you very much CLD!”

Kawin Amphaiphong CLD Board Memeber | CLD Graduate | Founder & Life Coach at Growing Ministry

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