Give A Gift

The Center for Leadership Development (CLD), like virtually all other Theological Education by Extension (TEE) programs around the world, relies on income from a combination of sources.  The fees which churches and students pay to CLD provides for much of the everyday operating expenses, but donations from Thailand and elsewhere also play a vital role in allowing CLD to not only continue to operate, but to also expand the impact of this very needed ministry.

Your support will provide scholarships for students and leaders, finances to translate or develop new curriculum, provide funding for Thai staff, and more.

  • Enable the expansion of CLD to new churches and areas by funding an information meeting: $150
  • Provide a scholarship for 1 student (provides half of the cost of each book):
    • 4 books for Level 1 = $40
    • 8 books for Level 2 = $80
    • All books for Levels 1 & 2 = $120
  • Provide a scholarship for 1 leader (provides the student book and leaders manual for free):
    • 4 student books and 4 leaders manuals for Level 1 = $80
    • 8 student books and 8 leaders manuals for Level 2 = $160
    • All books and all leaders manuals for Levels 1 & 2 = $240
  • Fund the translation of a new curriculum (one 200 page book): $1,000
  • Give towards the salary of a future Thai director: $625/month or $7,500/year

Your gift to CLD will enable continued Kingdom impact in churches throughout Thailand.