Friends, Fun, and Fellowship

When you study by mail, no one knows if you are using the lessons that you study in your ministry at your local church.  In CLD every student must have a teaching ministry.  It can be leading worship, teaching Sunday school, leading a cell group, telling the gospel or preaching.  Each student must have an opportunity to share the lessons that they are learning at home with other people.  When you study by mail, no one knows if there is change in your life because of what you are studying.  No one knows if you are growing and developing in your spiritual life.  In CLD each student meets with their center leader once a month to talk about their spiritual lives.  The center leader is a “coach” who has a role to teach, encourage and correct the student in his/her personal life and ministry responsibilities in the church.  The center leader can also give direction to the student in any plans or aims that they have in their personal lives.